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Lotions, Creams and Gels

Body care at the end of the day, on areas of concern and after activity and sports.

Get tired muscles and joints fit again! Phiten Metax lotions and creams contain an intelligent mix of the Aqua Metal technology for highly effective treatments for your regeneration and relaxation.

Characteristics and applications

  • Large-scale treatment of tired muscles
  • Specific treatment of stressed joints
  • Massages with the Metax extra relaxation
  • Easy cooling
  • For daily relaxation and body care
  • For professional therapists
  • Now also for easy home use
  • Special Warm-up and Cool-down Gels for athletes

Product overview

Metax Cream

Metax Cream

Warming / Cooling GEL
Warming Up Gel

Warming Up Gel

daily care

muscles, joints, in acute cases

daily care

massages, muscles, face

before sports

massages, muscles

after sports

massages, muscles

Suggestet application

Double benefit

Tape + Lotion or Cream

Suggestion of simultaneous use of tape and lotion / cream.


Put a tape on a area where you feel comfort when pressing.



Apply lotion / cream / gel around a tape.

Tapes + Lotion

Massages with Phiten Metax products

Phiten´s Metax body-care items to apply are adopted with an intelligent Mix from the Aqua Metal Technology. To be used for everyday body care and for conditioning before/after your activities. Together with professional therapies and treatments they help you to build up flexible and supple body.

While everyone knows massaging is good for the body, many feel it is tiresome ore are too busy to share time for it. However, those are actually the ones who need treatments like massages that offers a variety of advantages. Stiffness, which is a major body concern of modern-day people, can be eased by promoting a flow of blood and lymph by relaxing muscles through massaging. It would maintain muscle flexibility.

Promoting of blood flow also supports body recovery, moreover, it is known that massaging leads to mental relaxation. Phiten´s body care products “to apply” support the area of discomfort by simply applying them on. Why don´t you take a good care of your body at the end of day after hard working during the day, or after enjoying sports. We offer a variety of support items for massaging enable you to make a choice based on a purpose and activity.

Q&A - Questions and Answers

Can I apply them on a face?

Metax cream and lotion can be used on the whole body including the face. Warming up gel und relax gel are used only on the body area.

When to apply them?

Everyday usage as for preventive care is suggested rather than spot-usage only when discomfort is felt. Metax lotion and cream are suggested for using after taking a bath or before going to sleep.

For how long do they remain effective?

They remain effective roughly 8 hours. However, sweat or moisture may cause them off and applying them again is suggested for such cases.